Friday, March 30, 2012

{Update} Hello again! & happy spring reading!

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Greetings, you wonderful people who have stuck around for the last 2 1/2 months waiting for me to get myself pulled together!! Wow. I have had a lot of homework before, and definitely busy semesters, but this one is probably the busiest, most homework-filled yet. Quite honestly, it's been a little ridiculous. So ridiculous, in fact, that I have dropped every (silly) notion I had of taking a summer class. Humph. Goodreads is telling me that I'm 18 books behind on my goal, and you know what? School is important but I have my reading standards to uphold as well. So, here's the deal: I have 2 big projects and 5 smaller but still-really-important projects left to do this semester and then my homework stress will greatly decrease, if not entirely disappear. (One of my instructors is awesome and allowed us to work ahead- whoop!) Then I'll be back en force and we can resume normal activities. Maybe I'll even have an I Survived the Semester giveaway :)

To be perfectly honest, I haven't read anything since January so I don't have any new reviews to share. I suppose this post's purpose was simply to let my readers know I have not abandoned them and I am coming back soon. Scout's honor (even though I was never a Scout). I was recently stung by the book buying bug, though, and am feeling the compulsion (I seriously have no control over it) to Go! Buy! Books! And lots of them. My husband keeps telling me we're going to Wichita in a few weeks and we can go book shopping then. My response: A few weeks?! But I want to go buy books now! I've been feeling a little emotional lately and he is supposed to be enabling my addiction, not trying to reason with me. You'd think after almost five years of marriage he would understand this, hehe.
Mary Beth