{book review policy}

I do accept physical copies of books for review. I do not accept ebooks of any format.

My preferred genres are:
- adventure (adult, children's, YA)
- fantasy (adult, children's, YA)
- historical fiction (adult, children's, YA)
- graphic novels (adult, YA)
- literary fiction
- mystery (adult, children's, YA)
- non-fiction, biographies/history/etc. (adult, children's, YA)
- picture books (my just-turned-4 year old son will assist me :)
- reprints (Classics, adult, children's, YA)
- science fiction (children's, YA)
- suspense (adult, YA)

Genres I do not accept:
- chick-lit
- erotica
- horror
- romance

I reserve the right to accept or decline any book review request.

If I accept:
- I will email you my mailing address and let you know when the book arrives. I will read and review the book in as timely a manner as I can manage, notifying you in advance of the day the rating/review will be posted on bibliophyte, Goodreads, etc.

- I reserve the right to give every book I accept for review as positive or negative a rating/review as I see fit. I take pride in my fair and honest reviews and will not write a dishonest review simply to make someone happy.

- I will post my review on bibliophyte (with links to my review on Twitter and Facebook) and Goodreads. If you would like the review posted on additional sites, such as Amazon, LibraryThing, Barnes & Noble, etc., please let me know and I will do what I can.

In a nutshell: If you have a physical copy of a book in a genre I accept and you accept my book reviewing terms, please feel free to contact me at thestitcherie@gmail.com about reading and reviewing your book!

I do not receive any compensation for any reviews I write/publish.

Mary Beth