Tuesday, October 18, 2011

blog transitions: change is in the air

Good evening! I've been making quite a few changes to ye olde blog today and after much deliberation (okay, agonizing) and endless tweaking I'm pretty happy with the results. As you can probably tell, I've discontinued the use of the name "unebellevie" and am going with "hoopsters". An explanation is probably in order :)

I love to embroider and would love even more to sell my embroidery on Etsy. I love all of the nifty little things involved, from the bits of fabric to the colorful floss to, of course, the hoops. And something that is so great about embroidery is that it's not only the finished products that are a delight to have around, but the "ingredients" themselves. I enjoy seeing hoops in a basket or pinned to my bulletin board, reorganizing fabric on a shelf or in a drawer, and peeking at my floss collection when my cat is not around.

I know the word "hoopster" is technically slang for a basketball player, but I also think of it as "a person who collects hoops" or possibly "a decorative piece of [art/needlework] hung in a hoop" :) Regardless, I like the sound of it and have adopted it as my new Etsy shop/blog name. My only problem is that hoopster.blogspot.com is taken. What to do, what to do.

Sorry about the crummy picture, but to the left is an experimental Art Nouveau piece I embroidered. I've been playing around with different ways to transfer designs as well as some different design styles and stitches. This one was a test run but I hope to stock up some pieces for my shop soon.

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  1. I love the new look! (Colorful bunting always knocks my socks off). I too adore embroidering! However, I've got nothing on that Art Nouveau piece, that is beautiful!!


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