Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Day of Silence

 There will be no blog posts tomorrow in order to acknowledge and raise awareness about the recent devastation in Japan. This is also out of respect for the victims of the disaster and to help raise funds for the shelter of those who may otherwise have no safe place to go.

There is no pressure to do so, but if you are able to donate any amount, go to Shelter Box USA. They are a non-profit whose purpose is, "To provide humanitarian relief and aid in the form of equipment and materials that provide shelter, warmth and comfort to people displaced by natural or other disasters."

You can find more information about Bloggers' Day of Silence at Utterly Engaged and For Japan With Love. Thank you for anything you may do to try and help the people affected by the recent natural disaster. No matter how big or small, or the nature of your gift, it all matters and will be remembered.

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