Saturday, March 26, 2011

oh rats! & Rescues!

oh rats, i forgot... from dutchdoor
 "I've a grand memory for forgetting." Thank you, Robert Louis Stevenson, for this great quote! And it's just what I was searching for becaauuse...

I forgot yesterday was Frabjous Friday! *gasp* I have been so busy this week, and then my mom, my son and I went out of town, that I just remembered. Good grief. However, there is other news.

I started an Etsy Team earlier this week and would love for you to check it out-

I'm really excited about it :) The purpose of the team is to bring together people who have adopted a pet through the humane society or rescue organization -or- those who have independently rescued and adopted an animal in need. Any kind of animal. Furry, spiny, feathered, it doesn't matter :) I hope the team will be able to raise awareness about animals in need of loving and caring homes as well as responsible pet ownership.

I put together the following collection of items, the proceeds of each item being either partially or entirely donated to a charity or organization dedicated to helping animals in need.
Cat Burglar Postcard from TwoStrayCats
The New Puppy Necklace from OneEyeCatDesigns
Boston Terrier Screen Printed T-shirt from littlebluefeather 
Classic Cameo Earrings from walkonthemoon
Mary Lou Photo Print from uberjoi 
Keyhole Screenprint from AlisaBobzien

 I truly hope you'll stop by the team's cozy little corner of Etsy, and maybe check out an item or two that could help change the life of a critter in need :) Make sure to leave your thoughts below & bye for now! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I think this is great. We have adopted a cat from the Joplin shelter, a dog from an elderly man who was going to live in a nursing home (who adopted the dog originally from the Joplin shelter) and couldn't take him with him, and a dog from the Minidoka Co. shelter in Idaho. We unfortunately had to give this last dog away because we couldn't care for her properly once we moved back to MIssouri. She did go to a great home (our next door neighbors). I am always telling everyone to adopt a pet from their local shelter. People are always amazed on what dogs are at the shelter.

  2. just wonderful! thank you for Spotlighting Pet Adoption!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my print! This is such a great idea for an Etsy team. My husband and I have a rescued persian cat and are always glad to see people advocating for animal rescue. Nice work!

  4. I loved reading your blog post this morning :)
    Thank you so much for featuring my Cat Burglar Animal Charity donation postcard :)


  5. Great team! And I love the classic cameo earrings

  6. I just love rescues! Both of my cats are rescues! I'll have to join your team :)

  7. gorgeous - thanks so much for featuring mary lou! x

  8. Great idea! My little kitten Essie was from a shelter :) I'll have to check out the team.


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