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An energetic Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Einstein!! (& a few theoretically relative selections)

No one would take Albert up on his bicycle race
challenges  after  he  decided  motion and rest are merely
relative and there is no such  thing  as  a  false  start.
 Guten Morgen, everyone! It's a beautiful rainy morning and the start of a brand new week. It feels like just about anything is possible. To make it even better, it's Albert Einstein's birthday!

You may know Mr. Einstein as the physicist absolute genius who developed the two Theories of Relativity (General & Special), explained the photoelectric effect using his theory of quanta, and confirmed the atomic theory of matter. (And I thought I was busy!)

He was born on March 14th, 1879 in Ulm, Germany to Hermann and Pauline Einstein, started attending school in Munich in 1885 and graduated from the Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule in Zurich with a diploma degree in 1901. 1905, however, was Mr. Einstein's Annus Mirabilis, his Miracle Year, during which time he wrote several papers that would have a completely unforeseen affect on the way science is studied and perceived, including the light quantum paper, the Brownian motion paper, and the paper introducing the Special Theory of Relativity. During that same year Mr. Einstein submitted his doctoral thesis, "A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions", to the university in Zurich and was awarded a doctorate. It was the work he did in 1905 that ultimately prepared the way for him to win the Nobel Prize in 1921.

A dynamic personality: Mr. Einstein knew how to have a good time.
Throughout all of his academic pursuits and achievements, however, Mr. Einstein managed to have quite the lively personal life. He met Mileva Maric while they were both students in Zurich; they had an affair during the first few years after the turn of the century and ultimately married (against both of their families' wishes) in 1903. Their marriage was rather tumultous, though, and the bit in their vows about fidelity evidently didn't bother Mr. Einstein too much. He was, apparently, quite the ladies man. Their marriage ended, for all practical purposes, in 1915 while he was trying to complete his General Theory of Relativity. Mileva took their two sons and left for Zurich, leaving him in Berlin with Elsa Einstein (his first cousin maternally and second cousin paternally), who nursed him during a period of illness. After Mr. Einstein's divorce from Mileva was made official in 1919, he and Elsa married. (Yes, he married his first cousin and I'm not even going to try to figure out how they were cousins on both sides.) Elsa had more patience regarding his still frequent flings, however, and their marriage lasted until her death in 1936.

I won't torment you with a picture of the real thing...
 Mr. Einstein passed away in 1955 at the age of 76 and was cremated, though not before his brain was removed (without his family's permission) by Thomas Stoltz Harvey, Princeton Hospital's pathologist. He lost his job almost immediately for refusing to surrender the brain, though he managed to keep it in his possession. Dr. Harvey hoped to preserve the brain until science and medicine could explain what had made Mr. Einstein so intelligent, leading him to distribute small bits of it to various reseearchers over the years towards this end. The brain was in Dr. Harvey's possession until 1996, when he finally passed it on to Dr. Elliott Krauss, the chief pathologist at Princeton Hospital, where much of it still resides.

Albert Einstein has, of course, served as an inspiration to a great many people over the years, and here are a few items inspired by his humor and personality that are sure to inspire you throughout your day!

mustache on a stick - einstein
from sarahedesigns
Albert Einstein Onesie
from ohbabytees

Imagination is Everything - Einstein
quote linocut print from thebigharumph

Theory of Relativity Formula Belt Buckle
from bmused
There are two ways to live your life...
- Einstein Wall Words from OldBarnRescueCompany
Theory of Relativity handwritten Tee
- Womens from nonfictiontees
(Men's here)

I hope you enjoyed today's celebration in honor of Mr. Einstein's birthday as well as the Einstein-inspired mini-treasury! I apologize for the terrible jokes, and hope I haven't run anyone off :) Auf Wiedersehen, and I hope you all have a beautiful monday!!

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