Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Vintage Makeover & Dolores Arlene (aka MomMom)

I have decided that my Etsy shop, UneBelleVie, needs a more uniform look, and one that swiftly indicates the nature of my shop inventory. I want it to retain a measure of personal meaning for me, however. So, I asked my Mom to send me pictures from when her mother, my MomMom, was little. This precious picture was one of them and is now my shop's avatar, and I'm planning on using it to design a coordinating banner.

Dolores Arlene was born in 1934 in Lemoyne, PA. She was a beautiful little girl with lots of spunk who everyone called Toots. Dolores grew into a tomboy, spent most of her time playing outside, and tended to get herself into trouble. I think it's a family tradition :)

When she became an adult she bought and sold antiques, collecting and passing on many to my Mom, my sister and I. She was a wonderful woman and the best grandma a child could ever have. Even though she passed away when I was 5 I have the most vivid memories of her reading to us girls, playing with us, just being there for us. I often wonder what she would have thought about the woman I've become, as well as my life and family.

I guess for me antiques aren't just objects with an interesting history; they are a way for me to feel closer to her. Perhaps that's one reason I decided to sell vintage items in my shop. Regardless of whether my shop is a success or not, I hope she would be proud of what I'm doing.

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